Friday, January 22, 2010

Owner Information page missing on some HTC Devices?

Some HTC devices such as the Touch Diamond 2 don’t display the Start >> Settings >> Owner Information page by default, giving rise to the question: “How the heck do I register Pocket Stars”.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution.  Just open your contacts list:


Edit the “Me” entry:


Here’s the official HTC description.

And if you still want to use the old version of the Owner Information page, here are some alternative methods to display the old page by either editing the registry or just by disabling TouchFlo.


Anonymous said...

A fantastic piece of software. i have just dowloaded the trial version before i purchase. one question i have is regarding the 'Find' option from the menu. It doesn't appear. I'm looking at version 6.0.0 on an HTC HD2. Any help would be appreciated.

Jay Borseth said...

Since TouchFlo and other user interface shells tend to enlarge the menus to make them finger friendly, the menu system got rearranged in Version 6.0. "Find..." is now accessed via "Tap and Hold" on the star chart.