Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Problem with 800x480 resolution on the HTC HD2 (Pocket Stars PDA Version 6.1)

Some customers have reported a problem when running Pocket Stars PDA on the HTC HD2.  The toolbar at the bottom of the screen is displayed with the wrong height and buttons at the right edge are cut off.

Screen05 (2)

The toolbar should look like:


Here’s what I know thus far about the problem:

1.Pocket Stars runs fine with the WM6.5 800x480 emulator.

2. The problem seems to only appear on certain versions of Windows Mobile.  The HD2 worked fine with WM6.0, but WM6.3 and WM6.5 exhibit the problem.

3. On the HD2 with WM6.5 which shows the problem, LOGPIXELSX = LOGPIXELSY = 192, while SM_CYMENU = 19.  The value of 19 must be incorrect, and I'm curious what value was returned on WM6.0?

4. It looks as though the toolbar height may be set to the value of SM_CYMENU, which has long been known to return bogus values.  See:

5. I've verified I'm selecting the correct Toolbar resource which is created for 192 DPI.

6. Don't know if it matters, but the toolbar has both a Menu and a listbox in addition to 6 buttons.

7. Currently building the application  with the WM5 SDK, MFC, and VS2008.  HiRes aware.

Since I don’t own one of these devices, I’m a bit slow figuring out the fix, but will hopefully get it resolved within a few days.