Tuesday, November 18, 2008

320x320 Display Resolution Bug on Pocket Stars PDA Version

A number of customers have pointed out that the Pocket Stars PDA has a bug with the new 320x320 resolution devices.  The problem is caused by the introduction of a new DPI value for these displays.  An example is shown, below.  Notice that the toolbar at the bottom of the display is truncated on the right.


Prior to the introduction of 320x320 displays, all PDA devices were either 96DPI or 192DPI as shown by the following table.  I’m guessing that quite a few other released programs aren’t  to happy either, dealing with a new DPI value at this late stage in the evolution of the platform.

WM6 Resolution Table

If you’re experiencing this problem, you can download a beta version with the problem fixed at: www.nomadelectronics.com/anonymous/PDAMenuFix/PocketStars.zip.  Let me know if it works and I’ll get this fix into the next official release.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the fix to Pocket Stars. You were quite responsive. I'm only a casual user but when I want to use it, it's always helpful. I've traveled to Africa 4 times with Pocket Stars and was amazed with all the stars in the sky that I missed due to light pollution. I had to reference Pocket Stars to identify all the bodies I was missing at home. Thanks again.

Raj said...

That was informative.
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